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Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

As our nation continues to focus on public safety, security, immigration, and law enforcement, more career opportunities are becoming available every day. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, police and detective occupations will increase by 5 percent through 2022.

These positions generally offer many employee and family benefits such as health care and retirement. Other employment advantages such as rapid advancement and promotion opportunities make this an attractive career field for the first-time student, former military personnel, or individuals interested in pursuing a lifelong interest within the criminal justice field.

Depending on your career goals and objectives, an online criminal justice degree at Columbia Southern University could meet your needs. Whether you are interested in pursuing an associate, bachelor, or master degree, CSU makes it easy to schedule classes around your current position or family situation.

CSU offers educational opportunities in criminal justice, including:

We have developed a library of various law enforcement resources and reference materials. View all available law enforcement resources.

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