Recommended Program Check Points

Although you will come in contact with many staff and faculty, your main point of contact will be your academic advisor throughout your educational journey at CSU. We recommend that you maintain regular contact with your academic advisor. The following are some of the recommended check points although you may want or need to contact your advisor more often.

Initial Advising Session – Held with new students prior to or in the first week of initial courses.  Get to know your advisor and establish advising expectations. Establish a plan of enrollment and discuss your goals and your schedule.

Mid-First Enrollment Period – Held with students around week four of first courses.

6 month Follow Up (3rd Enrollment period) – Connect with your advisor to see where you stand at the half way mark of your first year of courses

Approaching Graduation – Within 12 hours of degree completion

Other times your academic advisor will contact you

  • If you’re struggling in courses
  • If you fail a course
  • If you haven’t enrolled in a course in 15 days
  • Low GPA
  • Excessive withdrawals
  • Academic dismissal warning
  • Delayed enrollments