The Academic Advising & Student Support Center at Columbia Southern University engages, inspires, encourages, and supports students through personal, purposeful advising strategies and exceptional, responsive student-centered services, always focused on student success. Working with the Academic Advising & Student Support Center will help keep you on track to timely degree completion.

Academic Advising Services

The role of your academic advisor is to serve as a facilitator. Your academic advisor will help guide you through your degree program from beginning to end by assisting with:

  • ongoing and regular advising sessions
  • course selection
  • degree program inquiries
  • course pairing and sequencing
  • course load
  • making sound academic decisions
  • resolving issues

Your academic advisor will strive to offer exceptional customer service at all times. Your academic advisor’s goal is to establish a solid relationship with you that is built on mutual respect, trust, and open communication. Your academic advisor will encourage you to identify personal strengths and weaknesses so that you can reach your full potential as a successful college student by listening and empowering you to make the right choices about your education and future.

Student Support Services

The role of Student Support Services is to serve as point of contact for general student inquiries. Specialists are able to provide assistance with a wide range of questions related to CSU policies, courses, graduation, and much more. Student support specialists are available to assist you via telephone, email, and chat.

Other student support specialists work diligently to ensure that you remain enrolled throughout your educational career. CSU understands that sometimes submitting an enrollment is not your first priority, so this group is here to offer a reminder that an enrollment is needed to keep your degree plan on track.