Online Homeland Security Degree

Homeland security professionals protect government infrastructure, gather and analyze intelligence and maintain order during a crisis. Students seeking a degree in homeland security will learn how to secure and manage borders, enforce and administer immigration laws, protect cyber networks and critical infrastructure, as well as techniques for countering terrorism and enhancing our national security.

Careers in this field cover a broad spectrum of job opportunities including air marshals, border agents, customs agents, cyber security specialists, immigration officers, scientists, security officers and certain first-responders.

Many careers in homeland security are at the federal level. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the largest law enforcement agency within the Department of Homeland Security, with more than 60,000 employees. In 2013, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management reported $79,000 as the average annual federal salary for homeland security professionals. Federal workers' wages or salaries are based on job classification, grade level, geographic location and length of employment.

CSU offers educational opportunities in homeland security, including: