CE 1201: School Safety and Security

About This Course

School Safety & Security: Next Steps is an awareness/technical level Continuing Education course designed to promote understanding of the unique operating environments, philosophies, and challenges faced by school campus facilities (SCFs) as they relate to Dynamic Internal Crises and Events (DICE).  Through identification, exploration and dissection of unique and competing objectives and efforts, this course will foster a better collaborative effort and understanding between multidisciplinary responding agencies and the affected campus stakeholders. 

This course, School Safety & Security: Next Steps, covers a cross-section of Dynamic Internal Crisis and Event (DICE) situations including, but not limited to: Terrorism, active shooters & mass violence, explosives (IEDs, VBIEDs, other), hostage & barricade situations, kidnapping, CBRNE events, and other internal crises.


  1. Students can apply for an extension if the course is not completed within the allotted 10-week time frame. If students do not complete all assignments with a 70 percent or higher within 10 weeks and do not apply for the extension, they will be removed from the course. Back to duration