We Salute You, Military Students!

With a military student population of 40%, CSU is keenly aware of what it takes to help you succeed. CSU’s dedicated Military Support Group works one-on-one with military students like yourself to help you capitalize on your experience and achieve your academic goals. Your Military Support Group will guide you from admission to graduation, answering any questions you have along the way and ensuring you are equipped for success.

You and your family have served our country honorably. Let CSU serve you.

Academic transcripts and military transcripts can be evaluated for potential transfer credit, along with professional licenses and certificates. Unofficial copies of these documents can be uploaded through your myCSU Applicant Portal after submitting your application.

You may fax corresponding documentation to our Registrar department (251) 224-0575. Please indicate on your application if you are eligible for tuition assistance through Military TA, DANTES, or VA. You can also take advantage of our Transcript Request Service for official transcript requests.

2  CSU will conduct an evaluation of your application and provide you with a detailed report

An evaluation will be performed to outline transfer credit accepted by CSU.  A Comprehensive Degree Report (CDR) will also be provided to outline courses needed for degree completion.  Your Military Admissions Counselor will assist with the first enrollment into your selected program of study.

You can request priority evaluation service for a $25 fee to guarantee that your completed application packet be evaluated within 48 business hours. Generally, applications take between 7 to 10 business days to evaluate based on the volume of applications received by CSU at that time.

3  Contact the admissions department or visit our website to enroll

Our open enrollment allows you to begin your program at any time using the LifePace Learning option. CSU also offers a Term online learning option that follows a structured schedule for on-time course completion. The CSU Admissions Department will walk you through the process of enrolling and registering for your first course.

Even if we are still missing transcripts needed to complete your evaluation, you may be eligible to enroll immediately under Temporary Admissions Status. As a temporary student, you may complete up to 12 undergraduate semester hours or 6 graduate semester hours before an evaluation is needed. Once all official transcripts are received and evaluated, degree plan will be issued and your admission status will be changed. For more information, please refer to the Admissions Status Information page.

4  Schedule an initial advising session with your academic advisor

The CSU Admissions Department will contact you to finalize your enrollment and schedule your first advising session with an academic advisor, who will serve as your main point of contact throughout your degree program. If you are unable to speak with the Admissions Department, your advisor will reach out to you directly, or you can call 877-323-4471 to set an appointment.

This initial advising session is an opportunity for your academic advisor to learn about you and your individual situation and goals, and develop your educational pathway that will enable you to attain these goals. During this session, you and your advisor will work together to develop a course of action for degree completion known as a Comprehensive Degree Report (CDR). Your advisor will also provide you with important tips for success throughout your journey at CSU. This is an important step, so be looking for the call – you advisor is ready to help!

CSU will obtain domestic transcripts from previously attended institutions and high schools, and secure GED scores on your behalf. Please Note: Some institutions may require the student to obtain transcripts directly. If this is the case, we will notify you via email.