International Management

Rising trends and remarkable changes to the international business landscape have paved the way for a more collaborative way of doing business between countries, corporations, brands and people.

An online BSBA degree in International Management will prepare individuals pursuing a career in international business or international management for the new realities that come with this ever-changing, interactive global economy. Students seeking an online degree in international management will gain a comprehensive understanding of international business systems, such as finance, management, marketing and trade relations. Additionally, international management students will explore the basic concepts of how cultural, political, legal, economic and ethical systems affect not only public and private partnerships, but also impact governmental and international affairs.

Columbia Southern University also offers international management certificate programs. This extensive, specialized training focuses on several in-demand concentrations and courses are designed to offer students the planning, analysis, and decision-making techniques they need to compete in the professional field of international management.

CSU offers educational opportunities in international management, including: