Prepare to Be Inspired
by These Amazing EMT Stories

Millions of Americans show up to uninspiring jobs every day. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are not among them. While the work of an EMT is incredibly challenging, it’s also exciting, exhilarating and uniquely fulfilling. After all, how many people do you know who can say they save lives for a living?

Learn More About our EMS DegreesLearn more about CSU's Online EMS DegreesWhile all EMTs save lives, some stories are particularly compelling. Here are three real-world stories of extraordinary EMTs.

A Christmas Double Delivery

Santa may get all the buzz every year at Christmas, but EMTs are also working around the clock to make sure people have happy, healthy holidays. Brooklyn, New York’s Barkim Covington and Marc Aurelus earned permanent spots on the “nice list” on Christmas Day in 2007, when they responded to a call from a pregnant woman and ended up getting a surprise of their own.

After determining that the woman was too far along to make it to the hospital, Covington and Aurelus delivered the first baby before realizing another was on its way. “It all happened so fast, we didn’t have any time to think. We were just happy the babies were safe, the mother was okay and everyone was happy,” Aurelus said.

“... as long as I'm here, that's my job. I'm gonna help somebody.”
– Veronica Baskerville

From Day Off to Job Well Done

When was the last time you went to a party and ended up saving the life of a 7-year-old child? That’s exactly what off-duty EMT Veronica Baskerville did this past spring in Washington, D.C. While attending her niece’s baby shower, Baskerville heard gunshots followed by screams. She ran outside only to discover that a young boy had been shot.

Baskerville kicked into action and without thinking twice, retrieved her bag from her car. She kept the child stable until the paramedics arrived, later sharing her heroic story to the local television station. “God placed me here with this child for a reason, to help somebody,” Baskerville said. “And as long as I'm here, that's my job. I'm gonna help somebody.”

Giving Back to Man’s Best Friend

While the work of an EMT is usually focused on helping people, these first responders occasionally find themselves assisting animals as well. Last September in Belfast, Maine, EMT Fred Ehman responded to a call about a camper fire where he rescued and resuscitated a 3-year-old Lab mix named Sterling.

After 40 years of being an EMT, Sterling was the first dog Ehman had ever saved.

He later told the Bangor Daily News, “It feels pretty good, really no different than a person. Hey, they’re alive. They’re well and they’re walking, it works for me.”

These are just a few stories about the amazing things EMTs do every day to make the world a safer place. As the next generation of EMTs joins their ranks, the list of good deeds continues to grow.

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