Term Course Schedule : 4B19

Term: 4B19 (Start Date: 2/20/2019, End Date: 4/16/2019)

Course Number Title
ART 1301 Art Appreciation I
ART 1302 Art Appreciation II
BBA 2010 Introduction to Business
BBA 2026 Organizational Communication
BBA 2150 Business Mathematics
BBA 2201 Principles of Accounting I
BBA 2301 Principles of Accounting II
BBA 2401 Principles of Macroeconomics
BBA 2501 Principles of Microeconomics
BBA 2551 Intercultural Management
BBA 2926 Introduction to Project Management
BBA 3201 Principles of Marketing
BBA 3210 Business Law
BBA 3221 Sales Management
BBA 3301 Financial Management
BBA 3331 Introduction to E-commerce
BBA 3361 Professionalism in the Workplace
BBA 3451 Organizational Theory and Behavior
BBA 3551 Information Systems Management
BBA 3602 Principles of Management
BBA 3626 Project Management Overview
BBA 3651 Leadership
BBA 3826 Managerial Decision Making
BBA 4126 Project Planning
BBA 4201 Financial Institutions
BBA 4226 Risk Management
BBA 4301 International Finance
BBA 4351 International Economics
BBA 4426 International Management
BBA 4653 International Trade
BBA 4751 Business Ethics
BBA 4851 Production Management
BBA 4951 Business Policy and Strategy
BCJ 2000 Introduction to Criminal Justice
BCJ 2001 Theory and Practices of Law Enforcement
BCJ 2002 Theory and Practice of Corrections
BCJ 2201 Juvenile Delinquency
BCJ 2501 Criminology
BCJ 3150 Probation and Parole
BCJ 3301 Judicial Process
BCJ 3450 Introduction to Court Security
BCJ 3451 Protecting Court Personnel
BCJ 3601 Criminal Law
BCJ 3701 Criminal Investigation
BCJ 3801 Criminal Evidence and Legal Issues
BCJ 3950 Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice
BCJ 4001 Procedures in the Justice System
BCJ 4101 Police and Community Relations
BCJ 4301 Management and Supervision in Criminal Justice
BCJ 4601 Criminal Justice Current Topics
BCJ 4701 Criminal Justice Organization and Administration
BEM 3001 Environmental Law
BEM 3101 Assessing Environmental Science
BEM 3201 Environmental Assessment
BEM 3501 Air Quality
BEM 3601 Waste Management
BEM 3701 Hazardous Waste Management
BEM 4001 Pollution Prevention
BEM 4351 Environmental Technology
BHA 3002 Health Care Management
BHA 3202 Standards for Health Care Staff
BHA 3501 Community Health
BHA 3801 Critical Issues in Health Care
BHA 4053 Financial Management in Health Care Organizations
BHA 4101 Quantitative Methods for Health Care
BHA 4201 Health Care Law
BHM 3010 Introduction to Hospitality
BHM 3020 Introduction to Tourism
BHM 4300 Legal Aspects of Hospitality and Tourism
BHR 3301 Compensation and Benefits
BHR 3352 Human Resource Management
BHR 3551 Human Relations and Development
BHR 3565 Employment Law
BHR 4350 Collective Bargaining
BHR 4501 International Human Resource Management
BHR 4601 Staffing Organizations
BHR 4680 Training and Development
BIO 1030 General Biology I
BIO 1100 Non-Majors Biology
BIO 1302 Ecology and the Environment
BOS 3001 Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health
BOS 3125 Hazardous Materials Management
BOS 3301 Fleet Safety
BOS 3401 Construction Safety
BOS 3525 Legal Aspects of Safety and Health
BOS 3551 Environmental Issues
BOS 3640 Interactions of Hazardous Materials
BOS 3651 Total Environmental Health and Safety Management
BOS 3701 Industrial Ergonomics
BOS 3751 Training and Development
BOS 4010 Safety Supervisor
BOS 4025 OSHA Standards
BOS 4201 Toxicology
BOS 4301 Industrial Hygiene
BOS 4520 Risk Management
BOS 4601 Accident Investigation
BOS 4725 Process Safety Management
BSL 4000 Managing Diversity in Organizations
BSL 4040 Communication Skills for Leaders
BSL 4060 Team Building and Leadership
BSL 4080 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
BSL 4160 Negotiation/Conflict Resolution
BSM 2701 Sociology of Sport
BSM 2801 Sport Marketing
BSM 3901 Sport Fundraising
BSM 4101 Sport Administration
CHE 6301 Foundations and Methods in Community Health
CHE 6303 Strategies of Health Promotion
CHE 6304 Health Program Planning, Implementation, and Assessment
CHE 6305 Issues and Trends in Community Health
CHM 1030 General Chemistry I
CHM 1040 General Chemistry II
CM 1010 Professional Communication
CMJ 3307 Victimology
CMJ 3308 Mental Illness and Crime
CS 1010 Computer Essentials
CYB 4301 Cyber Security and Crime
CYB 4302 Cyber Warfare and Application
CYB 4303 Critical Infrastructure Protection in Cybersecurity
DBA 7000 Doctoral Student Orientation
DBA 7035 Business, Government and Society
DBA 7180 Managerial Economics and Business Theory
DBA 7240 Doctoral Writing and Inquiry Into Research
DBA 7310 Statistics for Business Decisions and Research
DBA 7420 Organizational Behavior and Comparative Management
DBA 7553 Human Resource Management
DBA 7632 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
DBA 8149 Business Research Methods
DBA 8230 Marketing Research and Competitive Strategy
DBA 8341 Corporate Finance
DBA 8475 Operations and Supply Chain Management
DBA 8552 Management Accounting and Control Systems
DBA 8671 Technology and Innovation Management
DBA 8710 International Business and Global Strategy
DBA 8758 Negotiations and Business Strategy
DBA 9101 Comprehensive Examination
DBA 9307 Dissertation Research
DBA 9308 Dissertation Research
DBA 9309 Dissertation Research
DBA 9310 Dissertation Research
DBA 9311 Dissertation Research
DBA 9312 Dissertation Research
DBA 9313 Dissertation Research
DBA 9314 Dissertation Research
DBA 9315 Dissertation Research
DBA 9316 Dissertation Research
DBA 9317 Dissertation Research
DBA 9318 Dissertation Research
DBA 9319 Dissertation Research
DBA 9320 Dissertation Research
DBA 9321 Dissertation Research
DBA 9322 Dissertation Research
DBA 9323 Dissertation Research
DBA 9410 Dissertation Defense
EH 1010 English Composition I
EH 1020 English Composition II
EH 3341 Technical Writing
EMG 3302 Disaster Response and Recovery Management
EMS 3301 EMS Management
EMS 3302 EMS Planning and Development
EMS 3303 EMS Operations and Personnel Management
EMS 3304 Foundations in EMS Education
EMS 3305 Risk Management Practices in EMS
EMS 3306 Emergency Medical Communications
EMS 4301 Finance of EMS Systems
EMS 4302 Leadership in EMS Systems
EMS 4303 Legal, Political, and Regulatory Environment in EMS
EMS 4304 Community Risk Reduction in EMS
EMS 4305 EMS Public Information and Community Relations
EMS 4306 EMS Roles During Emergencies and Disasters
EMS 4320 EMS System Design
FIR 2301 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services
FIR 2302 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival
FIR 3301 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FIR 3302 Building Construction for Fire Protection
FIR 3303 Introduction to Fire Prevention
FIR 3305 Fire Protection Structure and Systems
FIR 3306 Fire Prevention Organization and Management
FIR 3307 Community Risk Reduction for the Fire and Emergency Services
FIR 3311 Legal Aspects of Emergency Services
FIR 3312 Fire Ground Tactics I
FIR 4301 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection
FIR 4302 Fire Service Personnel Management
FIR 4303 Fire and Emergency Services Administration
FIR 4304 Fire Dynamics
FIR 4305 Fire Investigation and Analysis
FIR 4306 Human Behavior in Fire
FIR 4308 Applications in Fire Research
FIR 4311 Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement
FIR 4313 Terrorism Incident Management and Emergency Procedures
FIR 4314 Crime Scene, Forensics, and Evidence Collection
FIR 4315 Fire Investigation Technician
FRN 4301 Principles of Digital Forensics
FRN 4302 Digital Forensics Applications
HCA 1301 Basic Medical Terminology
HCA 3310 Health Care Marketing
HCA 4320 Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care
HLS 2301 Introduction to Terrorism
HLS 3301 Weapons of Mass Destruction
HLS 3302 American Homeland Security
HLS 3303 Terrorism Response Operations
HLS 3304 Ethical and Legal Issues in Homeland Security
HLS 3305 Disaster Planning and Management
HLS 3306 Homeland Security Technology
HLS 4301 Preparedness and Response Partners
HLS 4302 Cyber Security Management
HLS 4303 Critical Infrastructure Protection
HLS 4320 Homeland Security Capstone
HTH 1301 Medical Law and Ethics
HTH 1304 Health Information Technology and Systems
HTH 1305 Pharmacology
HTH 1306 Introduction to Health Care Statistics
HTH 2303 Pathophysiology
HTH 2304 Introduction to Health Information Management
HTH 2305 Health Information Documentation Management
HTH 2306 Medical Linguistics and Anatomy
HTH 2307 ICD-10-CM
HTH 2308 Introduction to ICD-10-PCS
HTH 2309 Reimbursement Methodologies
HTH 2310 Introduction to Current Procedural Terminology
HY 1010 Western Civilization I
HY 1020 Western Civilization II
HY 1110 American History I
HY 1120 American History II
HY 2000 American Military History I
HY 2020 American Military History II
ITC 3001 Personal Computer Fundamentals
ITC 3302 Human Computer Interaction
ITC 3306 Operating Systems
ITC 3307 Maintaining Microcomputer Systems II
ITC 3450 Introduction to Data Communication
ITC 3840 Maintaining Microcomputer Systems I
ITC 4010 System Analysis and Design
ITC 4150 Database Design and Implementation
ITC 4210 Programming Concepts and Problem Solving
ITC 4310 Web Design and Development
ITC 4313 IT Ethics and Professionalism
ITC 4390 Internet and Network Security
ITC 4760 Information Technology Evaluation and Implementation I
ITC 4780 Information Technology Evaluation and Implementation II
LSS 1300 Learning Strategies for Success
MAR 2251 Internet Marketing Principles
MAR 3211 Consumer Behavior
MAR 3271 Advertising
MAT 1301 Liberal Arts Math
MAT 1302 Algebra I
MAT 1304 Finite Math
MAT 2301 Elementary Statistics
MBA 5101 Strategic Management and Business Policy
MBA 5401 Management Information Systems
MBA 5501 Advanced Marketing
MBA 5652 Research Methods
MBA 5841 Strategic Marketing
MBA 5851 Marketing Research
MBA 5861 New Product Marketing
MBA 5871 Business to Business Marketing
MBA 6001 Organizational Research and Theory
MBA 6053 Economics for Managers
MBA 6081 Corporate Finance
MBA 6301 Business Ethics
MBA 6601 International Business
MBA 6631 Intercultural Management
MBA 6641 International Economics
MBA 6651 International Finance
MBA 6931 Project Management Strategy and Tactics
MBA 6941 Managing Project Teams
MBA 6951 Managing Complex Projects
MBA 6961 Project Management
MCJ 5078 Computer Applications for Criminal Justice Administration
MCJ 5135 Theory of Crime and Criminology
MCJ 5390 Critical Analysis of Criminal Justice Administration
MCJ 5460 Juvenile Justice Administration and Delinquency
MCJ 5532 Research Methods in Criminal Justice Administration
MCJ 6150 Training and Development in Criminal Justice
MCJ 6230 Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice
MCJ 6257 Criminal Courts and Professional Ethics
MCJ 6374 Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice
MCJ 6453 Global Terrorism
MCJ 6530 Critical Analysis of Criminal Justice Public Policy
MEE 5801 Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management
MEE 5901 Advanced Solid Waste Management
MEE 6201 Advanced Pollution Prevention
MEE 6501 Advanced Air Quality Control
MHA 5001 Health Care Financial Management
MHA 5101 Legal Foundations of Health Care
MHA 5201 Health Resources and Policy Analysis
MHA 6501 Advanced Health Care Management
MHR 6401 Employment Law
MHR 6451 Human Resource Management Methods
MHR 6551 Training and Development
MHR 6751 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
MHR 6901 Compensation Management
MHS 5201 Weapons of Mass Destruction
MOS 5101 Safety and Accident Prevention
MOS 5201 Safety Engineering
MOS 5301 Fire Protection Technology
MOS 5425 Advanced Toxicology
MOS 5525 Integrated Safety Management Systems
MOS 5640 Advanced Interactions of Hazardous Materials
MOS 6301 Advanced Industrial Hygiene
MOS 6625 System Safety Engineering
MOS 6701 Advanced Ergonomics
MOS 6801 Emergency Management
MSE 5101 Legal Aspects of Emergency Services Management
MSE 5201 Advanced Fire Administration
MSE 5301 Interagency Disaster Management
MSE 6201 Homeland Security
MSE 6301 Risk Management
MSE 6701 Case Studies in Natural Catastrophes and Man-Made Disasters
MSL 5080 Methods of Analysis for Business Operations
MSL 5200 Crisis Communication Management
MSL 6000 Psychological Foundations of Leadership
MSL 6040 Current Issues in Leadership
OSH 3306 Workers' Compensation
OSH 4308 Advanced Concepts in Environmental Safety Management
PHL 1010 Critical Thinking
PHL 2350 Philosophies of World Religions
PHS 1110 Principles of Classical Physical Science
PHS 1120 Principles of Modern Physical Science
PS 1010 American Government
PS 2000 Introduction to Political Science
PS 2010 American State and Local Politics
PSY 1010 General Psychology
PSY 2010 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3019 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 3140 Social Psychology
PSY 3150 Developmental Psychology
PSY 3307 Forensic Psychology
PSY 3350 Theories of Personality
PSY 3380 Psychology of Learning
PSY 3505 Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 4460 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 4501 Research Methods In Psychology
PSY 4560 Psychological Assessment
PSY 4680 Industrial Organizational Psychology
PUA 5301 Administration of Public Institutions
PUA 5302 Public Administration Ethics
PUA 5303 Organizational Theory
PUA 5304 Quantitative Research Methods
PUA 5305 Public Finance and Budgeting
PUA 5306 Public Policy
PUA 5307 Strategic Planning
PUA 5308 MPA Seminar
PUA 6304 Local Government
PUH 5301 Public Health Concepts
PUH 5302 Applied Biostatistics
PUH 5303 Concepts of Epidemiology
PUH 5304 Principles of Health Behavior
PUH 5305 Concepts of Environmental Health
PUH 5306 Public Health in Genetics
PUH 5307 Grant Writing in Public Health
PUH 6301 Public Health Research
PUH 6302 Law and Ethics in Public Health
PUH 6303 Public Health Administration
PUH 6304 Public Health Policy and Management
PUH 6305 Problem Solving in Public Health
SEC 3301 Security Application Development
SEC 3302 Advanced IS Security
SEC 4301 IS Disaster Recovery
SEC 4302 Planning and Audits
SEC 4303 IS Security Policy Analysis
SEC 4320 IS Security Capstone
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2010 Cultural Geography
SP 1010 Fundamentals of Speech Communication

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