PS 2010: American State and Local Politics


Introduces components and processes inherent to state and local government in the United States. Acquaints students with the structures and functions of state and local governments as well as the methods and motivations behind political decisions.


  1. Explain the nature of politics.
  2. Analyze the political processes in local government.
  3. Differentiate between powers allocated to the federal government and those allocated to the states.
  4. Distinguish between liberal and conservative ideology in state and local politics.
  5. Explain how policy responsibilities vary among state and local governments.
  6. Summarize the processes of changing state laws or state constitutions.
  7. Explain how citizen attitudes influence policies adopted by governments.




Politics in states and communities (Rev: 15th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2015)
Author: Dye, T. R., & MacManus, S. A.
ISBN: 9780205994724
Price: $104.65

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