PHS 1110: Principles of Classical Physical Science


Provides fundamental concepts of classical physics with minimized computation in a conceptual and practical manner intended for non-science major students. Main topics covered are Newtonian mechanics, properties of matter and energy, and basic ideas of thermodynamics.


  1. Describe standard units of measurement to include components of a valid measurement.
  2. Illustrate the scientific method within everyday situations.
  3. Explain Newton's laws of motion at work in common phenomena.
  4. Explain the concepts and applications of momentum, work, mechanical energy, and general relativity.
  5. Identify the building blocks of matter to include their influence on physical properties.
  6. Describe thermodynamic concepts and their applications.




Conceptual physics (Rev: 12th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2015)
Author: Hewitt, P. G.
ISBN: 9780321909107
Price: $90.71

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