MSL 6040: Current Issues in Leadership


Examines critical issues in leadership, using a case analysis method. Explores the role of leadership in current business organizations. Serves as the capstone course for the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership curriculum and includes a significant writing component.


  1. Analyze how leadership influences performance in a diverse organization.
  2. Assess the differences between charismatic leadership and transformational leadership.
  3. Explain how leaders are developed and equipped for organizational shifts and changes.
  4. Evaluate how leaders use 360-degree feedback to improve their work performances.
  5. Differentiate how the situational leadership model and the normative decision model impact leadership effectiveness.
  6. Explain the significance of different types of leadership theories.
  7. Analyze how leaders foster employee motivation and morale in an ever-changing workforce.
  8. Develop a comprehensive personal leadership training plan that utilizes different leadership techniques.




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