MSL 6040: Current Issues in Leadership


Examines critical issues in leadership, using a case analysis method. Explores the role of leadership in current business organizations. Serves as the capstone course for the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership curriculum and includes a significant writing component.


  1. Explain the differences between team and solo leadership vs. management, noting how each influences organizational performances.
  2. Compare charismatic leadership to transformational leadership and assess the nature and dynamics of both styles.
  3. Analyze how emotional intelligence, key motives, cognitive factors, and heredity vs. environment issues contribute to leadership effectiveness.
  4. Explain relationship-oriented and task-oriented attitudes and behaviors of successful leaders.
  5. Summarize how leaders use 360-degree feedback to improve their work performances.
  6. Compare autocratic and participative leadership styles and assess their effectiveness.
  7. Explain the path-goal theory of leadership effectiveness and assess how the situational leadership model differs from the normative decision model.
  8. Explain the cognitive resource theory and its applications.
  9. Analyze the key principles of ethical and moral leadership and decision making in regards to business ethics.
  10. Develop a comprehensive personal leadership training plan that is idiosyncratic and provides a thorough review of different leadership techniques.




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