MHR 6751: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining


Explores labor relations, contract negotiation, administration, bargaining units, and decision-making processes. Examines the social, political, and economic impacts of collective bargaining and challenges to the administration of a collectively established relationship.


  1. Evaluate the evolution of the American labor movement.
  2. Examine the challenges for unions and employers in the modern workplace.
  3. Critique the concept of collective bargaining.
  4. Identify union avoidance strategies.
  5. Construct a labor agreement.
  6. Compare and contrast negotiation models, strategies, and tactics.
  7. Judge the market factors that influence labor negotiations on employee benefits.
  8. Compare and contrast union and employer concerns of job seniority and security.
  9. Analyze mediation and arbitration.
  10. Interpret the laws that affect unions and equal employment.




The labor relations process (Rev: 10th ed.)

Publisher: South-Western (2012)
Author: Holley, W. H., Jr., Jennings, K. M., & Wolters R. S.
ISBN: 9780538481984
Price: $229.28

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