MHR 6551: Training and Development


Presents a study of current trends in human resource training and development with application to diverse organization environments and labor practices.


  1. Formulate different developmental approaches to training, including competency models and case-based decision making.
  2. Describe major learning, performance, and motivational theories, including how their concepts can be applied to training development.
  3. Assess obstacles to learning, such as low tolerance for change and lack of trust.
  4. Outline elements of effective sharing of learning and knowledge among employees.
  5. Describe traditional training methods, computer-based training methods, and e-learning, including appropriate uses for each.
  6. Synthesize cultural influences on learning and development in an organization.
  7. Evaluate internal and external resources used when delivering appropriate development process interventions for career development.
  8. Construct a rationale for designing the approaches to the development of leadership competencies.
  9. Summarize key aspects of strategic performance management processes, including management of learning and development strategies.
  10. Describe training issues for global organizations.




Integrated Learning Resource

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