MHA 6501: Advanced Health Care Management


Explores administrative practice in health care with emphasis on long-term and acute care services. Topics include healthcare structures and systems, managerial processes, operations, planning, marketing, human resources, finance, productivity and control, and the emerging trends in health services.


  1. Compare and contrast health services organizations within the health care system.
  2. Discuss effective leadership strategies used by healthcare managers in the health services setting to include adaptation and transformation, communication strategies, and conflict resolution.
  3. Describe methods of managing conflict in the healthcare organization to include, concepts of negotiation, and third-party intervention.
  4. Relate the concepts of work design, motivation, and information flow.
  5. Analyze the decision-making process for designing and redesigning organizational structures in health services organizations.
  6. Explain the role of strategic alliances in enhancing organizational performance.
  7. Discuss the concept of learning organizations in health services organizations.
  8. Compare the approaches of quality assurance and quality improvement.
  9. Analyze strategies to achieve an effective healthcare organization.




Transforming health care leadership: A systems guide to improve patient care, decrease costs, and improve population health

Publisher: Jossey-Bass (2014)
Author: Maccoby, M., Norman, C., Norman, C. J., & Margolies, R.
ISBN: 9781118505632
Price: $42.90

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