MHA 5001: Health Care Financial Management


Focuses on various aspects of financial management, including theory, terminology, and finance techniques used in healthcare organizations. An emphasis is placed on external financial options, cost accounting, and how change and innovation drive the organization. Students will learn how to use financial data to make decisions in strategic planning regarding the organization's short-term and long-term future.


  1. Appraise key methodologies used to apply financial management in healthcare organizations.
  2. Explain variable and fixed costs for healthcare services or processes.
  3. Compare and contrast the external financing options that are available for healthcare organizations today.
  4. Assess the financial approach to strategic healthcare planning.
  5. Critically evaluate the financial implications of current and future healthcare trends.
  6. Discuss the future of healthcare financial management in the United States.




Healthcare finance: An introduction to accounting and financial management (Rev: 6th ed.)

Publisher: Health Administration Press (2016)
Author: Gapenski, L. C., & Reiter, K. L.
ISBN: 9781567937411
Price: $137.28

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