MBA 6151: Operations Research


Examines operations research with emphasis on applications of network, inventory, scheduling, queuing decision models for business and management, and basic problems in operations management.


  1. Explain how product design affects operations management.
  2. Summarize the different aspects of process design in relation to operations.
  3. Analyze business quality control mechanisms and strategies.
  4. Recommend optimal scheduling requirements for various situations.
  5. Devise operations for inventory and scheduling purposes.
  6. Assess procedures for operational systems requirements.
  7. Evaluate operations management situations.
  8. Explain key factors associated with operations management.




Operations management in the supply chain: Decision and cases (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2018)
Author: Schroeder, R. G., & Goldstein, S. M.
ISBN: 9780077835439
Price: $160.87

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