MBA 6053: Economics for Managers


Applies economic theory to managerial decision making. Topics include demand analysis and estimation, analysis of cost and production, profit maximization under different market structures, optimal pricing, and decision making under uncertainty.


  1. Determine market equilibrium using supply and demand models.
  2. Relate the different types of elasticity concepts to business scenarios.
  3. Interpret results using demand functions and regression models.
  4. Analyze how price and output influence profit maximization.
  5. Evaluate pricing practices in imperfect competition.
  6. Evaluate investment decisions to maximize value.
  7. Discuss the implications of uncertainty in managerial decision-making.
  8. Apply game theory in pricing, output, and decisions in an oligopoly market.




Managerial economics and business strategy (Rev: 9th ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2017)
Author: Baye, M. R., & Prince, J. T.
ISBN: 9781259896422
Price: $168.74

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