MBA 6951: Managing Complex Projects


A comprehensive study of the project management process and the complexities of project management from a systems perspective. Includes the systematic approach to planning activities, controlling and closing project integration management, project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project communication management, project risk management, and project human resources management. Prepares students to plan, control, and perform projects within the modern workplace by presenting requisite processes and techniques.


  1. Identify the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.
  2. Analyze the purpose and elements of Measures of Performance in the context of the triple constraints.
  3. Articulate the content of the various sections of a project plan.
  4. Determine the scope of a project by defining product requirements and constructing the work breakdown structure.
  5. Use precedence diagramming to create a network diagram that depicts the sequence of the work.
  6. Define terminology and apply techniques associated with project estimating.
  7. Examine project quality considerations in the context of cost of quality.
  8. Explain key techniques to assure effective communication among and between project stakeholders.
  9. Evaluate sources of project risk and apply risk mitigation and response strategies.
  10. Define key scheduling terminology and apply proven scheduling techniques.
  11. Identify the steps involved in building a project’s budget.
  12. Classify and apply the processes and techniques of monitoring project execution and change control.
  13. Identify the tasks associated with closing a project.
  14. Examine the processes of managing a project team to obtain optimal performance.
  15. Evaluate a project against project management "best practices."




Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling (Rev: 12th ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2017)
Author: Kerzner, H.
ISBN: 9781119165354
Price: $77.22

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