MBA 6631: Intercultural Management


Provides a comparative study of the multicultural, intercultural, and diversity dynamics of conducting domestic and international business. Focus is on the unique intercultural and multicultural problems, characteristics, opportunities, and demands faced by firms in both local and domestic businesses and the individuals engaged in its corresponding intercultural and multicultural communications, negotiations, integration, and unique transactions across value systems of various nations.


  1. Differentiate between intercultural management and multiculturalism on a domestic and global scale.
  2. Analyze and compare approaches to diversity in the workplace in the United States and the legislation surrounding it.
  3. Evaluate the opportunities and challenges of managing a diverse workforce.
  4. Examine diversity experiences and relationships with respect to gender, race, nationality, etc., in a domestic and global workplace.
  5. Explain and discuss global thinking and the value of adaptation in an intercultural, multi-cultural, and multi-diverse business environment.
  6. Analyze and discuss models of culture classifications.
  7. Compare and contrast business practices from cultures around the world.
  8. Analyze, compare, and contrast approaches to culture in the workplace in the United States and globally.
  9. Assess one’s dispositions towards culture and diversity in a multicultural, intercultural and diverse business environment.
  10. Compare approaches to diversity management.
  11. Compare business practices from cultures around the world.




Multinational management: A strategic approach (Rev: 6)

Publisher: South-Western (2014)
Author: Cullen, J. B. & Parboteeah, K. P.
ISBN: 978-1-28-509494-6
Price: $229.28

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