MBA 5841: Strategic Marketing


Presents an overview of marketing management with an emphasis placed on enabling the marketing manager to create strategies that “fit” the product/service to the organization’s distinctive competencies and its target market. Develops decision-making skills in marketing and provides an overview of the strategic marketing management process. Reviews the different methods used to address and exemplify the many issues and problems that are involved in creating and implementing the marketing strategy.


  1. Formulate product market strategies based on an organization’s business, mission, and goals as a result of identifying solutions to opportunities.
  2. Describe basic concepts of business management such as managerial accounting and management finance.
  3. Develop a systematic process for decision making.
  4. Discuss the profitability impact on various marketing strategies such as domestic and global marketing, target markets, and other market segments.
  5. Manage the organization's offering by making decisions related to new-offering development, life-cycle stage management, product positioning, and branding decisions.
  6. Evaluate an integrated communication mix.
  7. Make decisions concerning channel selection and modification.
  8. Illustrate concepts related to price such as price determination and price considerations.
  9. Explain the consideration and technologies applicable to strategic and operational controls in a marketing context.
  10. Develop an integrated comprehensive marketing strategy for an organization's offering.




Strategic marketing problems: Cases and comments (Rev: 13th ed.)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2013)
Author: Kerin, R., & Peterson, R.
ISBN: 978-0-13-274725-7
Price: $196.50

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