HY 2020: American Military History II


Explores United States military history from 1918 to the war on terror.


  1. Describe the impact of U.S. presidential decrees and doctrines on military policy.
  2. Summarize the impact of technological advances pertaining to modern warfare on the role of the U.S. military.
  3. Explain the roles of broadcast media on U.S. strategies in war from the Vietnam era onward.
  4. Relate the United States’ prolonged presence in war to the demoralization of both civilian and enlisted attitudes towards the military.
  5. Compare the roles of the distinctive U.S. military branches around the world.
  6. Describe the U.S. military’s role in world political and trade associations.
  7. Interpret the Cold War’s Soviet threat on U.S. military engagements throughout Asia.
  8. Describe the rise of anti-United States sentiment and conflict in the Middle East after the Soviet Union collapsed.
  9. Utilize academic resources within the field of history to develop creative and well-reasoned arguments.




For the common defense: A military history of the United States from 1607 to 2012 (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Free Press (2012)
Author: Millett, A. R., Maslowski, P., & Feis, W. B.
ISBN: 9781451623536
Price: $20.02

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