HY 1010: Western Civilization I


Traces the history of Western civilization, examining developments in Western thought and culture from the earliest recorded civilizations to the 18th century.


  1. Discuss the development of Western civilizations.
  2. Describe the causes and effects of major historical events.
  3. Discuss key individuals in Western culture.
  4. Recognize significant Western cultural practices.
  5. Discuss artifacts of historical importance in Western civilization.
  6. Recognize influences that contributed to the development of Western society.
  7. Contrast attributes of Western societies across different periods and locations.




A history of Western society: From antiquity to the Enlightenment (Rev: 12th Concise ed., Vol. 1)

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's (2017)
Author: McKay, J. P., Hill, B. D., Buckler, J., Crowston, C. H., Wiesner-Hanks, M. E., & Perry, J.
ISBN: 9781319073886
Price: $90.88

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