FIR 3303: Introduction to Fire Prevention


Provides fundamental knowledge relating to the field of fire prevention. Topics include the history and philosophy of fire prevention, organization and operations of a fire prevention bureau, use and application of codes and standards, plans review, fire inspections, fire and life safety education, and fire investigation.


  1. Define the national fire problem and role of fire prevention.
  2. Describe fire prevention organizations and associations.
  3. Relate fire prevention laws, rules, regulations, and codes to jurisdiction authority.
  4. Define the functions of a fire prevention bureau.
  5. Describe inspection practices and procedures.
  6. Explain the standards for professional qualifications for fire marshal, plans examiner, fire inspector, fire and life safety educator, and fire investigator.
  7. Explore opportunities in professional development for fire prevention personnel.
  8. Examine the history and philosophy of fire prevention.




Principles of fire prevention (Rev: Updated 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016)
Author: Diamantes, D.
ISBN: 9781284041866
Price: $97.79

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