CHM 1040: General Chemistry II


Explores topics such as the mole concept and stoichiometry, gaseous state and chemical bonding, acids and bases, and chemical equilibrium.


  1. Recognize and discuss the importance of chemistry.
  2. Assess and utilize various scientific measurements.
  3. Apply the mole concept.
  4. Solve stoichiometry problems.
  5. Define the principles and laws associated with the gaseous state of matter.
  6. Relate the concept of chemical bonding.
  7. Recognize and distinguish between the properties of liquid and solid states of matter.
  8. Distinguish between various types of solutions.
  9. Recognize and distinguish between the properties of acids and bases.
  10. Apply the principles and theories associated with chemical equilibrium.


  1. CHM 1030


Chemistry: The central science (Rev: 14th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2018)
Author: Brown, T. L., LeMay, H. E., Jr., Bursten, B. E., Murphy, C. J., Woodward, P. M., & Stoltzfus, M. W. (with Lufaso, M. W.).
ISBN: 9780134414232
Price: $211.30

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