BIO 1040: General Biology II


Highlights the relevance and contribution of this discipline to business, health care, policy creation, and other sciences.


  1. Describe theories of basic biological sciences.
  2. Summarize the relationship between levels of organization in animals.
  3. Translate various representations of scientific data.
  4. Distinguish between viruses, prokaryotes, and eukaryotes.
  5. Summarize the anatomy and physiology of angiosperms.
  6. Compare normal physiological function to disease states among humans.
  7. Discuss population growth dynamics.
  8. Relate living organisms to non-living factors in ecosystems.


  1. BIO 1030


Biology: A guide to the natural world (Rev: 5th ed., technology update)

Publisher: Pearson (2014)
Author: Krogh, D.
ISBN: 9780321946768
Price: $158.08

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