BSM 3901: Sport Fundraising


Reviews the theory and practice of fundraising in sport-related fields and provides specific, helpful ideas for conducting fundraising activities in sports business. Combines fundraising theory and practical advice so learners can organize and develop fundraising plans.


  1. Explain the fundraising process, to include the importance of fundraising.
  2. Explain the nature and principle of sport business.
  3. Identify different types of fundraising methods.
  4. Develop practical fundraising plans in sport programs and/or events.
  5. Discuss varied methods for implementing potential fundraising plans.
  6. Create a fundraising plan that includes how to induce potential sponsors.
  7. Recognize publicity and promotional tactics.
  8. Discuss personnel management in the operation of fundraising projects.
  9. Examine key legal issues that include, but are not limited to, liability concerns, risk management, and insurance matters.




Fundraising for sport and athletics

Publisher: Fitness Information Technology (2012)
Author: Leonard, R.
ISBN: 978-1-935412-33-5
Price: $74.10

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