BOS 3751: Training and Development


Explores various training requirements specified by safety and health standard-setting organizations. This course also includes consideration of training theory and training management techniques to include an evaluation of best practices.


  1. Explain safety and health training requirements specified by standard setting organizations.
  2. Examine safety and health training theories and their applications.
  3. Develop strategies for communicating safety and health training in the workplace.
  4. Discuss management’s role in safety and health training.
  5. Examine methods for assessing safety and health training performance.
  6. Evaluate best practices in safety and health training.
  7. Discuss means of overcoming cultural and language barriers to provide effective training to workers.




Hazard prevention through effective safety and health training

Publisher: American Society of Safety Engineers (2012)
Author: Haight, J. M. (Ed.)
ISBN: 978-1-885581-74-7
Price: $27.95

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