BOS 3551: Environmental Issues


Examines environmental topics from opposing philosophical and practical sides. Topics include the global environment, current and future energy issues, sustainability development, and the viability of green initiatives.


  1. Outline important environmental problems and debates.
  2. Examine the environmental impact of globalization.
  3. Critique global and national energy issues related to the environment.
  4. Analyze the viability and marketability of environmentally preferable (green) products.
  5. Discuss global attitudes and behaviors related to sustainable development.
  6. Assess policy related to global climate change.
  7. Recommend solutions for environmental problems.




Taking sides: Clashing views on environmental issues, expanded (Rev: 16th ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2016)
Author: Easton, T. A.
ISBN: 978-1-30-846484-8
Price: $46.68

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