BEM 4301: Environmental Strategies


Analysis of fundamental concepts and strategies related to resource management, environmental stewardship, and sustainable development. Includes the introduction of economic and social decision-making, and development that does not sacrifice the environment.


  1. Provide operational definitions of natural resources and ecosystems, and explain why natural resources need management, especially with respect to increasing population numbers and demand for resources.
  2. Describe economic concepts particularly relevant to management decisions related to the improvement of human welfare.
  3. Describe the important management concepts of planning, policy development, and administration of natural resource management organizations.
  4. Discuss the diverse atmospheric resources, water resources, and soil resources.
  5. Discuss forest management concepts, range and range management concepts, and farmland resource management concepts.
  6. Discuss the concepts of land resources management for outdoor recreation, and concepts of natural resources management in urban areas.
  7. Discuss the concepts of wildlife conservation and management and fishery management.
  8. Summarize the threats to biodiversity, policies developed to protect biodiversity and the main approaches taken to the management for biodiversity resources.
  9. Describe the different types of mineral resources, their geological origins, their development, and environmental concerns.
  10. Discuss energy use in the U.S. , the production of nonrenewable forms of energy, and the environmental concerns associated with development and use of nonrenewable energy resources.
  11. Summarize the status and trends of renewable energy development and use primarily in the U.S.
  12. Identify and describe problems with international development of natural resources and strategies for solving them.
  13. Summarize the basic principles of market economics, contrasting market economies with command and mixed economies, and discussing protectionist versus open trade policies.
  14. Summarize prevalent themes now dominating strategic planning in natural resources management in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.




Environmental issues and solutions: A modular approach

Publisher: Brooks/Cole (2014)
Author: Myers, N., & Spoolman, S.
ISBN: 978-0538735605
Price: $139.01

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