BEM 3701: Hazardous Waste Management


An introduction to hazardous waste management issues, programs, regulations, hazards, identification, characterization, storage, disposal, and treatment options in the corporate, industrial, and municipal settings.


  1. Discuss the history and the legal framework surrounding hazardous waste issues.
  2. Characterize the hazardous waste problem in America.
  3. Describe various types of hazardous wastes, their impact on the environment, and respective environmental control and public health remedies.
  4. Evaluate relevant regulatory compliance requirements in the industrial environment.
  5. Evaluate the efficacy of hazardous waste related mandates and programs.
  6. Describe hazardous waste characteristics, pathways in the environment and toxicological impacts.
  7. Evaluate contemporary methods of hazardous waste mitigation and remediation including waste minimization, pollution prevention, reuse, and recycling.
  8. Evaluate safety and health efforts related to hazardous waste workers.




Waste management practices: Municipal, hazardous, and industrial (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: CRC Press (2014)
Author: Pichtel, J.
ISBN: 978-1466585188
Price: $176.75

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