BEM 3601: Waste Management


Examines the technical and regulatory complexities of municipal, hazardous, and industrial waste management. Includes special emphasis on basic environmental science and related technical fields.


  1. Summarize the history of waste management including impacts from early human civilization to current day.
  2. Describe the major categories of waste.
  3. Assess the major regulatory developments surrounding waste management.
  4. Characterize the components and chemical and physical properties of municipal solid waste (MSW).
  5. Describe waste collection, recycling, and materials recovery techniques for MSW.
  6. Discuss waste disposal techniques and technologies.
  7. Summarize requirements for hazardous waste generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal.




Waste: A handbook for management

Publisher: Academic Press (2011)
Author: Letcher, T., & Vallero, D. (Eds.).
ISBN: 9780123814753
Price: $98.75

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