BEM 3101: Assessing Environmental Science


Examines major environmental issues using balanced scientific and social perspectives. Features an interdisciplinary approach with case studies to illustrate existing and potential management, economic, technical, and policy solutions in regional, cultural, and historic contexts.


  1. Describe important environmental concepts.
  2. Discuss the impact of environmental change on ecosystems.
  3. Assess the impact of human activity on the natural environment.
  4. Explain important conservation strategies.
  5. Examine environmental issues related to energy use.
  6. Summarize important environmental policies.
  7. Evaluate environmental sustainability efforts by industry.




Environment: The science behind the stories (Rev: 6th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2018)
Author: Withgott, J., & Laposata, M.
ISBN: 9780134204888
Price: $190.51

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