BBA 4653: International Trade


Provides a solid background of the key factors that influence international trade and the manner in which economic policy affects both trade flow and the nature of economic activity. Relationships between trade and growth, effects of labor and capital movements between countries, and the key factors that influence relative costs between countries are also examined.


  1. Examine why countries trade.
  2. Discuss how trade affects production and consumption.
  3. Define important terms in international trade.
  4. Describe the major theories and models used in international trade.
  5. Analyze how importation of goods will raise consumption and lower production in the importing country.
  6. Examine the recent trends in international trade.
  7. Compare balanced economic growth and biased economic growth.
  8. Distinguish the effects of trade, industry and other import restrictions.
  9. Examine how firm-specific advantages can overcome inherent disadvantages of international trade.
  10. Discuss international trade policies and agreements.




International trade (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Worth (2017)
Author: Feenstra, R. C., & Taylor, A. M.
ISBN: 9781319061739
Price: $197.87

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