BBA 3551: Information Systems Management


Provides a comprehensive overview of the management of information systems and the combination of hardware, software, and people vital to the successful business operation. The strategic role of information systems is examined, as well as the characteristics of computer systems, software applications, programming languages, and relational databases.


  1. Distinguish the key differences between data, information, information technology, and information systems.
  2. Distinguish the similarities and differences between the personal knowledge management tools.
  3. Examine the importance of mobile systems and securing information and knowledge.
  4. Explain how IS can be used to gain and sustain competitive advantage.
  5. Evaluate the approaches to developing organizational knowledge management strategies.
  6. Discuss the key issues involved in managing the components of IT infrastructure.
  7. Discuss the requirements for successful collaboration as it pertains to Information Systems Management.
  8. Identify major types of hardware and software used by organizations.




Using MIS 2014 (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2015)
Author: Kroenke, D.
ISBN: 978-0133546439
Price: $222.30

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