AL 2000: American Literature I


Surveys American literature from its beginnings to 1865. Emphasis is placed on the literary, cultural, historical and philosophical forces that shaped these works and that are reflected in them.


  1. Demonstrate critical thinking and rhetorical analysis skills through literature critiques.
  2. Explain cultural, historical, and philosophical forces that impact American literary texts.
  3. Examine allusion, figurative language, and other rhetorical devices used in American literature.
  4. Analyze theme in a variety of American literary contexts.
  5. Analyze rhetorical elements of American literature in themes related to universal human concerns and other provocative subjects.
  6. Examine the cultural and philosophical foundations in American literary history.
  7. Analyze scholarly research in support of a thesis related to American literature.
  8. Apply library research skills and information literacy through American literature critiques.


  1. EH 1020


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