On-Time Graduation Rates Disclosure

The on-time graduation rate information described in this document reflects of the students who graduated, how many graduated on time. CSU regards on-time graduation as 2.25 years for certificate programs, 4.5 years for the associate degree, 7.5 years for the bachelor’s degree, 4.5 years for the master’s degree, and 7.5 years for the doctoral degree. These disclosed rates reflect historical outcomes and should not be relied on by anyone as an implicit or explicit representation or promise of future outcomes.

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Program 2013-2014
Undergraduate Certificate Programs
Environmental Management 44%
Finance 100%*
Fire Science 50%
Hospitality and Tourism 50%*
Human Resource Management 41%
Information Technology 33%
International Management 0%*
Management 36%
Marketing 67%*
Occupational Safety and Health 46%
Project Management 26%
Sport Management 50%*
Industrial Hygiene Management Certificate 92%
Graduate Certificate Programs
Environmental Management 60%
Finance 100%*
Health Care Management 75%*
Human Resource Management 59%
Marketing 0%*
Occupational Safety and Health 36%
Project Management 57%
Public Administration 69%
Associate Degree Programs
A.A.S. General Studies 79%
A.A.S. Health Information Science NA
A.A.S. Business 78%
A.A.S. Criminal Justice 84%
A.A.S. Fire Science 86%
A.A.S. Occupational Safety & Health 85%
Bachelor Degree Programs
B.S. Business Administration (includes concentrations) 91%
B.S. Criminal Justice Administration 96%
B.S. Emergency Medical Services Administration NA
B.S. Environmental Management 98%
B.S. Fire Science (program no longer offered) 94%
B.S. Fire Administration NA
B.S. Health Care Administration 95%
B.S. Homeland Security NA
B.S. Human Resource Management 91%
B.S. Information Technology 92%
B.S. Occupational Safety & Health (includes concentrations) 91%
B.S. Organizational Leadership 100%
B.S. Psychology 99%
Master Degree Programs
Master in Business Administration (MBA) (includes concentrations) 82%
M.S. Criminal Justice Administration 77%
M.S. Emergency Services Management 82%
M.S. Occupational Safety & Health (includes concentrations) 74%
M.S. Organizational Leadership 84%
Master of Public Administration (MPA) (includes concentrations) NA
Doctoral Degree Program
DBA 100%

*Population less than 5

**The following programs were approved in either 2013 or 2014 and therefore, do not have graduation rates available at this time:
B.S. Fire Administration (2013)
Master of Public Administration (2013)
A.S. Health Information Science (2014)
B.S. Emergency Medical Services Administration (2014)
B.S. Homeland Security (2014)