July 1, 2019

EMT Stories: Ready Responders On or Off the Clock

Emergency medical technicians – or EMTs – are tasked with some of the most important duties in the medical field. The work of an EMT is incredibly challenging, but it’s also exciting, exhilarating and uniquely fulfilling. Here are some of our favorite real-world EMT stories.

June 7, 2019

Pioneering Missouri Female Firefighter Earns National Scholarship

In recognition of her dedication and pioneering spirit, firefighter Dana Osborne of Nixa, Missouri, was recently awarded a scholarship to pursue a degree from Columbia Southern University. In a challenge to push herself, she decided to try to inspire others in the fire service to maintain their cardiac health by running in full turnout gear in the Hennepin Hundred trail race in Illinois last year. Her goal was to bring awareness and help reduce the leading cause of firefighter deaths, sudden cardiac arrest.

May 20, 2019

EMS Week Profile: LeRon Lewis Loves Learning, Teaching EMS

LeRon Lewis, CSU graduate and 15-year EMS professional, truly enjoys his work as an assistant professor at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia. “I fell in love with the emergency medical service after my first ride-a-long,” he said. “I still very much enjoy EMS, and I love teaching it even more!"