The Link: Frequently Asked Questions


The Link is a resource for anyone who wants to change and improve their life through education. These FAQs will help you learn why The Link exists, how it can help you find the information you’re looking for and more.

Why does The Link exist?
The Link was established as a trusted resource for those seeking guidance to change and improve their lives through education.

What type of topics does The Link cover?
The Link’s four content categories—Lead, Learn, Support and Share—were carefully created to assist readers in every step of their journey to achieve their academic goals: from gathering information on earning your degree, understanding what it takes to enter a new career, the support available to help you along the way, and stories shared from current and former CSU stories to help you stay inspired.

Who would be interested in reading The Link?
Everyday folks who are interested in earning their degree online, learning more about industry specific news and trends or those who want to improve their productivity or position in life.

Why should I read The Link?
If you’re interested in knowing more about expanding your career options or staying on top of industry trends, The Link is a helpful resource to subscribe to.

How often does The Link publish material?
Starting out, we will be publishing content twice per week with the ultimate goal to post three-to-four times weekly.

Can I subscribe to The Link?
Of course! Subscribe here for The Link’s monthly email roundup. And don’t be shy about telling your friends.