7 Career Paths to Explore With Your MBA

Earning a Master of Business Administration can help you earn a higher salary, become more employable and qualify you for new positions. It’s no wonder more individuals are pursuing their career goals by earning an MBA. In fact, according to Fortune Magazine, MBAs are the most popular graduate programs in the United States.

What are some of the best career paths for MBA graduates?

1. Entrepreneurship

While some students seek to work for stable organizations in their post-MBA career paths, many are drawn to entrepreneurship. A general MBA can provide students with the business savvy to lead themselves – and others – into professional success.

2. Analyst

Every organization requires analysts who can plan and monitor operations, translate and simplify large facets of data, and communicate information to high-level stakeholders. These individuals may be in charge of marketing, sales or market data research efforts. A general MBA and experience with industry-related data would be recommended for an analyst position.

3. Health Care Management

Every health care organization needs managers who can oversee workers, plan budgets, make policy decisions, implement government reforms and evaluate patient care services. The ideal candidates for a job in this field would be MBA graduates with a concentration in health care management.

4. Project Management

The flow of business hinges on the internal processes of teams inside an organization. Project managers oversee external communications and resources, keep teams on track and evaluate priority needs within the organization. A project management concentration within an MBA program will provide students with the management skills to lead large teams in the future.

5. Financial Management

Every great business needs a financial management team that can review competitive analysis, evaluate and allocate budget, and oversee the financial dealings of the company. A financial manager’s plans can make or break and organization, so companies are looking to hire the best of the best in this field. MBA graduates with a concentration in finance would have the best chance of landing a financial management position.

6. Consulting

When looking to re-energize or restructure their organizations, businesses search externally to hire management consultants to evaluate their efforts, maximize profits, help control costs and solve structural problems within the organization. These individuals meet with C-level stakeholders to create a plan for success within the business. To become a consultant, MBA graduates will need a good deal of business experience to draw upon for their clients.

7. Sales Management

An inspired and well-trained sales team can lead a company to record profits, especially if they have great leaders. Sales managers set goals and quotas, review customer needs, create training programs for the sales force, and devise promotional opportunities. An MBA with a general focus or a marketing focus would fit the needs of an aspiring sales manager.


A business degree is a worthwhile investment, and MBAs are some of the most valued programs in the industry. To learn more about business programs offered by Columbia Southern University, visit ColumbiaSouthern.edu/Business.

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