April 7, 2020

Safety Certifications: Which Are Right for You? [Flowchart]

In addition to formal education, a growing number of companies are looking for occupational safety and health specialists who hold professional safety certifications. Many positions in the industry require a bachelor’s degree, and others require a master’s, but certifications can be just as important to companies. In this article, we explore (1) what safety certifications are, (2) how they can help your career, (3) which ones are right for you, and (4) what the requirements are.

February 18, 2020

Why Situational Awareness is the Foundation of EMS Strategy

From the initial incident report until they leave the scene, emergency medical services professionals are constantly collecting information. Successfully gathering adequate information for emergency response and remaining safe in the process requires keen observational and processing skills, both immediately and as the call progresses. In this article, we explore situational awareness and why it’s the foundation of EMS strategy.

February 11, 2020

4 Technological Advances Changing Law Enforcement

New developments are taking shape every day in law enforcement technology, making it easier to prevent and fight crime. In this article, we discuss four technological advances in law enforcement: (1) machine learning and artificial intelligence, (2) better electronic monitoring systems, (3) pre-crime technology, and (4) improved officer protection.