November 18, 2019

Q&A: Addressing Threats to U.S. Borders and Cybersecurity

In Part 3 of "Addressing Threats to U.S. Borders and Cybersecurity," a webinar hosted by Columbia Southern University, Dr. Tamara Mouras and Dr. Sancho Manzano answered viewer questions. This article is a transcript of the Q&A portion of that webinar.

November 6, 2019

Beyond the Firehouse: Career Options With a Fire Science Degree

Although the idea of a career in fire science equals becoming a firefighter for many of us, the field of fire science extends well beyond the local firehouse. Earning a degree in fire science prepares you for a wide variety of opportunities in multiple industries, whether you have experience fighting fires or not. If you are wondering how versatile your fire science degree will be, and how it translates to different careers, check out some of these options.

October 21, 2019

Benefits of Using FESHE Curriculum in Fire Education

Nearly a decade ago, the National Fire Academy, in conjunction with FEMA and individual fire training programs, developed the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) recognition program to streamline fire education programs and create a standardized, consistent curriculum for fire science and related degrees. Today, more than 50 colleges and universities nationwide, including Columbia Southern University, are FESHE recognized, having adopted the model curricula for associate and bachelor’s level degrees.