5 Scholarships for CSU Students

Each year, CSU awards scholarships to its current and future students. With more than a dozen scholarships and Ways to Save available, there is sure to be one to fit your needs. Apply for military or program-specific scholarships including the CSU Fire Scholarship or CSU Safety Scholarship, or opt for general scholarships, like the five listed below: 
  1. Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship: Awarded four times annually, the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship recognizes deserving family members of active-duty military and veterans. Each scholarship awards one military spouse or dependent up to $13,500 in one online degree program.
  1. Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship: In commemoration of CSU’s founder, the Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one CSU alumnus who is pursuing their online master’s degree with CSU. The annual $13,500 award will be applied for up to three years or until the completion of the online degree program, whichever comes first.
  1. Learning Partner Scholarship: Approximately 3,000 companies, associations and organizations across the nation benefit from being a CSU Learning Partner. Benefits include a 10 percent tuition discount and the opportunity to apply for the Learning Partner Scholarship, a $13,500 scholarship to be applied toward one online degree program.
  1. Knight Scholarship: Open to future CSU students, the Knight Scholarship will cover up to $13,500 in one online degree program. This annual scholarship is awarded to one future CSU student.
  1. Forever a Hero Scholarship: In appreciation of our their service, CSU’s Forever a Hero Scholarship awards one military veteran annually up to $13,200 toward one online degree program.
Interested in learning more about scholarships at CSU? To see the entire list or to view eligibility requirements and application deadlines, visit ColumbiaSouthern.edu/Scholarships