20 Jobs for the Master of Public Health Graduate

A Master of Public Health degree can open the door to the health industry and give graduates a wider range of experience in the field. Use your knowledge of the health industry and health policy to create a better experience for those around you in the following jobs:

These specialists work to obtain and analyze statistics on biological issues that can affect the health of communities and individuals.

Bioterrorism Researcher
With your knowledge of public health, you will evaluate the probabilities of bioterrorist attacks, where they will come from and what the threat could be.

Chief Medical Officer
This is a role specifically for hospitals and healthcare organizations which oversees the programs, treatments services provided to patients of healthcare institutions.

Child Health Specialist
Working in a children’s hospital or children’s health organization, child health specialists evaluate and learn how to prevent childhood illness on a large scale.

Chronic Disease Management Coordinator
This career focuses on prevention and intervention of chronic diseases in an effort to keep communities safe.

Director of Emergency Medical Services
Municipalities need a director of emergency medical services to plan for, streamline and coordinate teams during emergency situations.

Emergency Response Specialist
This is a proactive role — one that plans for large-scale emergencies and implements programs to foster the best quality of services.

Environmental Health Director
In this role, individuals develop and monitor accident prevention programs, policies and procedures to ensure continuous safe working conditions.

In this role, you will research, monitor and analyze infectious diseases to prevent widespread epidemics.

Health Communications Specialist
This role focuses on disseminating information to the public that can have an overall impact on the health and wellbeing of the population.

Health Educator
Health educators create curriculum and communications that provide individuals, families and communities the tools to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Healthcare Administrator
Direct the operation of hospitals, health systems and organizations by overseeing the work of facilities, services, programs, staff, budgets and procedures as a healthcare administrator.

Hospital Administrator
Those in this role oversee areas such as surgery, nursing, internal medicine, information system, human resources, accounting, facility maintenance, medical records and patient admissions.

Medical Writer
Use your knowledge of the healthcare industry and your excellent writing skills to communicate medical information through reports, articles, grant applications and policies to a non-medical audience.

Patient Navigator
Patient navigators walk individuals through healthcare insurance and healthcare policy information to empower them to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Public Health Data Analyst
As an analyst, individuals work within the public health sector to gather and analyze data about prevailing public health issues.

Public Health Professor
Educate the next generation of healthcare professionals by teaching about the ins and outs of the healthcare system and the ways students can make an impact on it.

Public Health Social Worker
This special subset of social workers focus on the needs of a specific health group and the ways to improve their treatment, rights and opportunities.

Regulatory Coordinator
Regulatory coordinators work closely with medical testing groups by monitoring trails, evaluating methods and ensuring legal policies are followed.

Toxicologists test, analyze and report on the presence of chemicals and toxins in samples to measure their impacts on humans and animals.

For more information on earning a Master of Public Health degree, head to http://www.columbiasouthern.edu/healthcare