4 Reasons Why a DBA Could be the Best Professional Decision You Ever Make

For many, returning to college is such an important decision, especially if you are already well into your career path. For business leaders looking to expand their professional outlook, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is one of the highest levels of education that you can achieve for the industry. Here are four reasons how earning your DBA expands your career opportunities:

Bolstered Credibility
Earning a doctoral degree gives students a new perspective on the business world, earning them more credibility in their field among their peers, potential employers and the business industry.
“For students who have earned their DBA, they have learned a new way to communicate,” said Elwin Jones, assistant provost for academic affairs at CSU. “The way they think, the way they write and how they talk – it’s those new learned ways of absorbing information that give students the competitive advantage within a career opportunity.” 

Expanded Career Opportunities
The DBA program teaches valuable business management, leadership and organizational effectiveness, empowering graduates to put their skills to good use in a variety of industries and job titles. Here are just a few new opportunities that DBA graduates are open to upon earning their degree:
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Government Contractor
  • Private and Public Business Associate — Administration, Management and Executive Levels
  • Education Leader—Faculty and Administration
  • Business Strategist — Chief Operating Officer and Senior Managerial Consultant
Greater Opportunities for Promotion
A doctoral degree could be the tipping point in your favor when considered for your next promotion. Earning your DBA requires advanced research skills, sharpened business acumen and it taps into superior decision-making skills. These newly acquired proficiencies make you a better candidate for promotions and job openings.
Better Salary
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees with doctoral degrees make on average $1,623 a week (as compared to master’s graduates’ $1,341). In total, the difference is approximately $14,664 more per year.
For more information on CSU’s DBA program, visit ColumbiaSouthern.edu/DBA.