Professor Linda Martin Eager to Support Global Safety in New Role as BCSP Board of Directors President

A woman in a safety vest and hardhat has her back turned as she inspects a work site.
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Posted on February 2, 2018

In her new role as the president of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals board of directors, Columbia Southern University professor Linda Martin is all about support. This year, she and the rest of the board plan to ensure that safety is a global core value in the world of occupational safety and health.

Martin, who has been with the board of directors since 2014, said this idea stems from the creation of the new BCSP Foundation. The mission of the new foundation is “investing to create and grow a safer global community; protecting those we serve."

“I would like our board to continue the important work of building the framework of what the BCSP Foundation will do to support and advance the safety profession and safety in general around the world,” said Martin. “I would like us to help create exciting opportunities for our credential holders and their companies to partner with the BCSP Foundation in pursuing the vision of making safety a global core value.”

The new president also wants to challenge the board “to think strategically about how we can continue to support and partner with other global organizations that value safety in and out of the workplace.”

Partnership will be a key strategy in achieving this goal.

“Through strategic memorandums of understanding with key organizations and expansion of the BCSP Ambassador program, the board can continue to promote safety, share best practices and bring together safety professionals around the world,” said Martin.

As a final goal, Martin hopes the group continues to reach out to young professionals, transitioning veterans and others interested in OSH.

“With more seasoned professionals retiring, the expanding economy and new jobs being created, there is a strong need for safety professionals to come into the profession with a strong education that was fostered through quality instruction from practicing professionals from several industries,” she said.


Martin has been a Certified Safety Professional since 2010 and holds a multitude of other safety certifications. She is the corporate safety director for Bay Crane, the largest crane, rigging and heavy haul company in the Northeast U.S. She is an adjunct faculty member at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a faculty member at Columbia Southern University, where she was awarded the online university’s 2017 Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award. She has more than 25 years of experience in construction safety, environmental consulting, industrial hygiene and occupational safety management.

Martin’s passion to learn has kept her excited about safety and driven to help others.

“Much of my motivation comes from knowing that I am doing our best to improve the safety of working conditions for others and providing instruction in the field of OSH that comes from a blend of education and field experience,” she added.