Increasing Your Interview Impact [Webinar]

Interviewing can be one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of the job search process. What do you wear? How should you act? What is the most important thing to say? What should you not say?
Join Columbia Southern University for a webinar discussion and Q&A session on “Increasing Your Interview Impact.” In this 45 minute webinar, Elizabeth Mimms, CSU career services coordinator, reviews the four P’s to help you present your best self in your next job interview. 
This webinar will guide you in understanding how to impress future employers by learning the four P’s of interviewing: purpose, preparation, performance and post-action. In discussing the four P’s, Mimms breaks down:
  • Do’s and don’ts of job interviewing
  • How to end the interview
  • How to tell a potential employer about yourself and your experience
  • The purpose and goals in an interview
  • What proper preparation really looks like, from best attire to researching the company

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