Which Healthcare Career Should You Pursue?

The healthcare field is a broad industry, and it’s growing larger by the day. The healthcare umbrella covers everything from patient care to medical billing and coding to C-level business management roles.

Once you’ve graduated with your healthcare degree, it make be hard to find your ideal career in the healthcare field. Use the questions below to help you narrow down the ideal job for you.

If you enjoy fast-paced situations, you may enjoy careers like….

  • Ambulatory Care: Serve your communities in desperate times by finding roles in small-provider practices, outpatient surgical and free-standing emergency or urgent care facilities.
  • Emergency Preparedness Administrator: Plan and provide education and training opportunities to the public, first responders, hospitals and other stakeholder groups in the event of an emergency.

If you are an expert organizer, you may enjoy careers like…

  • Medical Billing and Coding: Perform complex coding and billing procedures to assist healthcare organizations with third party insurance and billing companies.
  • Database Administrator: Manage, configure and monitor database systems of patient information for healthcare providers.

If you want to work one-on-one with patients, you may enjoy careers like…

  • Senior Care Staff: Find a wealth of jobs in retirement communities that support the mental, physical and emotional health of aging patients.
  • Patient Advocates: Assist patients and their families through the complicated channels of the healthcare system.

If you enjoy leading strategic projects, you may enjoy careers like…

  • Hospital Administration and Management: Strategize and create long-term plans for the operations of your hospital or clinic.
  • Quality Assurance Manager: Make sure that technology, care and medical advisement provided to patients is at the highest standard possible.

The healthcare field requires a variety of skilled and motivated professionals to serve thousands of patients every day. Find your niche in the industry and work to help patients improve their lives.  

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