4 Continuing Education Courses in Fire Science

Have you ever considered taking continuing education courses? If you’re a firefighter seeking to advance your career, these four continuing education courses will help you progress to the next level.

1. CE 1001: Incident Safety Officer – Keeping the team safe is the most important part of the job, and with the amount of dangerous situations that firefighters face on a regular basis, having someone in place to manage this is extremely important. The Incident Safety Officer Course focuses on the laws, regulations and standards that promote safety within the firehouse including safe operations, employee safety and healthy work environments. 

2. CE 1002: Health and Safety Officer – The Health and Safety Officer course provides an in-depth study of the basic concepts of occupational safety and health and applies them to emergency service situations.

3. CE 1003: Fire Officer I – This course focuses on the specific training that firefighters need to transition into a management position including affiliations with the organization, how to manage a fire department and more. Fire Officer I emphases fire service leadership from the perspective of a company officer.

4. CE 1004: Fire Officer II – Fire Officer II provides training for fire professionals who are currently in leadership roles and are looking to transition into middle management. The course focuses on government structure, departmental budget planning, management and more.

To learn more about continuing education courses or degree programs in fire science, visit ColumbiaSouthern.edu/Fire.