Addressing Threats to U.S. Borders and Cybersecurity [Webinar]

Two of the nation’s top critical infrastructures, information technology and customs and border security, are top of mind for many Americans. Among the hottest topics involving these infrastructures are the threats facing the U.S. cybersecurity network and the country’s border patrol. From drug and human smuggling to cyberattacks to terrorist travel, the nation’s digital network and physical borders are dealing with unprecedented issues. What can those in law enforcement do to serve and protect the citizenry?
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person standing in front of cybersecurity equipment

Join Columbia Southern University for Addressing Threats to U.S. Borders and Cybersecurity,” a recorded webinar discussion and Q&A session hosted by CSU’s College of Safety and Emergency Services.

Dean and Assistant Provost Misti Kill, Ph.D., moderated the presentation while academic program directors Sancho Manzano, Ph.D., and Tamara Mouras, Ph.D., discussed issues facing U.S. cybersecurity and border patrol. The trio fielded questions at the end of the presentation.

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This webinar has been approved for 0.1 CEUs.

CSU offers a bachelor’s degree in information technology and cyber security, as well as a bachelor’s in homeland security. CSU also offers an associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree in criminal justice.

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