Becoming a Health and Safety Manager

As difficult as it may be to create a hazard-free working environment, effective managers can provide an accident-free workplace. If you’re interested in becoming a health and safety manager, here are a few thing to keep in mind.

Character Traits

  • Communication and Leadership: An effective manager should have excellent communication and leadership skills. By encouraging teamwork and a pleasant working environment, managers enhance good working relationships among employees. Additionally, managers who demonstrate safety practices in the work environment consistently will encourage employees to do the same.
  • Humility: An approachable manager inspires a close working relationship with his or her workers. It’s very important for employees to feel comfortable informing managers or supervisors of potential safety threats.
  • Promptness: Managers should answer employee proposals and questions swiftly and confidently, demonstrating to the employees that their disquiets are important and are being acted upon.

Occupational Safety and Health DegreesA manager who is frequently concerned about the workplace environment, knows each employee personally and is in touch with the daily operations of the organization motivates the self-assurance of his or her employees. This ensures potential threats or dangers are pointed out swiftly and will encourage employees to become more involved in maintaining a hazard-free working environment.

Frequent Safety Checkups

In addition to character traits, effective management also encourages informal checkups, which are one of the best methods of detecting and fixing hazards instantly. An informal check needs to be a routine activity, especially in small businesses. Managers should make time for safety meetings to address back injury prevention, common accidents, emergency measures and more quick-fix safety hazards. Furthermore, through these sessions, valuable information is exchanged among managers, supervisors and the employees in a comfortable atmosphere.

...through these sessions, valuable information is exchanged among managers, supervisors and the employees in a comfortable atmosphere.

Official safety meetings and training should be undertaken frequently. When safety meetings occur frequently (whether in-person or through online health and safety training courses) new employees are trained on safe work processes early in their career with the organization and the experienced employees get frequent refreshers related to their job specification.


A safety and health program can only be successful when the management team acknowledges the significance of a safe and healthy working atmosphere. This will also improve the manager’s ability in keeping employees safe in the same manner they do the organizational goals and objectives. Below are some of the responsibilities of managers in a health and safety occupation:

  • Allocate responsibilities to all the workers at different levels, ensuring they understand what is expected and the outcomes if their performance goals are not met.
  • Engage all workers in making decisions that touch on their safety and health. This will encourage the employees to become more involved in achieving the program’s goals and objectives.
  • Establish and discuss the objective. The objectives should be plainly defined so that all employees at different levels of the organization understand the anticipated outcomes and the required procedures to attain the results.
  • Evaluate the safety program occasionally to assess glitches and review the purpose if goals are not achieved.
  • Explain the workplace safety and health procedures thoroughly to ensure all employees understand their significance in relation to other organization principles.
  • Provide constant feedback to the employees, helping them understand that top-level management cares for them and the organization is concerned about their safety and health.

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